Aerospace Leadership Scholarships

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Do you want to fly?

Are you a Civil Air Patrol cadet who has:

  • Earned your Mitchell Award,
  • Earned your Solo Wings in a powered aircraft,
  • Maintained at least a 3.0 GPA in high school,

If so, then you are eligible to apply for The Spaatz Association Aerospace Leadership Scholarship!*

The scholarship is intended to be used primarily to bring a cadet from solo to his/her private pilot’s license.  A limited amount of the scholarship may also be used to attend a CAP leadership activity, or to serve in a leadership position at a suitable CAP activity.

The scholarship must be used within one year of award and while the winner is still an active cadet in good standing.

* Applicants must not have received (or been selected for) a similar flight scholarship in the past.

How Do I Apply?

scholarship applicationSubmit an electronic nomination package via the link below from 1 August to 15 October!

1) A resume of your CAP career (resume must include your full name, CAP grade, CAPSN, address, phone, and email address)

2) Proof of academic standing

3)  Three letters of recommendation: one from your Squadron Commander or Deputy for Cadets, one from your flight instructor, and one from an individual of your choice;

4) A personal statement explaining what you’ve done for the Civil Air Patrol, what the scholarship will be used for, and how your use of the scholarship will benefit the Civil Air Patrol in the future (2 pages maximum)

5) A full-length picture in CAP uniform (preferably service dress, but not a utility uniform)

Apply OnlineClick to apply from 1 August to 15 October…

NOTE: This is not a CAP Scholarship. Different rules apply. You MUST submit your application online to be eligible for consideration.  Link will open in a new window.


Contact the TSA Scholarship Coordinator, Colonel Bob Mattes, USAF (Ret.)  (Link is encoded, but will open in your default email program.  If you need technical assistance, contact us. )

When are winners announced?

The scholarship will be awarded at The Spaatz Association Mid-Winter Dinner, typically held in conjunction with the CAP Winter Command Council meeting in early March.

Why a scholarship?

The United States Air Force has espoused three basic core values: integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do.  The CAP Cadet Program both builds and demands integrity as part of its cadets training.  As Spaatzen, we wish to encourage excellence in the cadets through our service.  To accomplish this, we voted to offer a scholarship with the vision of promoting enduring aerospace leadership through continued general aviation flight training and CAP leadership activities.

Click HERE for a list of previous scholarship winners.

Why a flying scholarship?

Let’s face it, flying is expensive.  CAP cadets generally come from modest means.  Many of us wanted to get our private licenses as cadets, but could never get the money together.  Those of us who fly understand the meaning of the old adage “Because I fly, I envy no man.”  This scholarship is our way to help those achieve the dream of flight.

Why the leadership emphasis?

America and the world need strong, capable leaders to carry us into the future.  There are precious few leadership training opportunities for our youth these days.  Core values like integrity and service are getting harder to come by in the generation now coming of age.  The Civil Air Patrol is one of the last remaining institutions with high standards of conduct and effective leadership training for youth.  These young people stand out in a crowd of moral ambiguity and me-first attitudes and should be properly recognized and encouraged.

Would you like to support a future Aerospace Leadership Scholarship?

The Aerospace Leadership Scholarship is completely funded by donations from members and friends of The Spaatz Association.  To date, we have given over $100,000 to deserving leaders to pursue the dream of flight.

The Association gives three different types of scholarships:  Endowed, Sponsored, or Named.

  • An endowed scholarship is named for a donor who has made a significant contribution to the Association. A scholarship endowment is designed to either fund a scholarship in perpetuity (as is the case with the Morse Endowment) or for an extended number of years (10+ years) by drawing down principal.
  • A sponsored scholarship is named for a donor who makes made a recurring, annual scholarship contribution (such as the General Carl A. Spaatz scholarship graciously donated each year since 2003 by Ms. Carla Spaatz-Thomas, and the Bergman scholarships donated by Mr. Brian Campbell in 2012, 2013, and 2014).
  • A named scholarship is named in honor of an individual (typically deceased), or for a donor who makes a single (one-time) scholarship contribution (such as the Joel Hocker scholarship in 2012).

If you would like to contribute to our scholarship program, click here for more information.  You may also contribute online or obtain information on endowments and bequests from our Donation Center.

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