Membership Benefits

Being a member of The Spaatz Association has unique benefits…

Tax Benefits

The Association is designated as a charitable, non-profit organization under section 503(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Your membership dues, donations to Association programs (scholarships, etc.), travel and lodging for annual meetings, etc., are fully tax-deductible for federal–and in some cases, state–income tax purposes.  Please consult your tax professional for additional information.

(Thanks to Eric Haertel, Spaatz #318, for his tireless efforts to establish non-profit status for the Association!)

The Spaatz Association Email — Free for Life

The Association has partnered with the Google Apps for Nonprofits program to provide email accounts to all our dues paying members…free, for life!

To apply, enter your information below. Applications will be screened by our Google Apps team and you will be notified when you account is ready for access (typically 3-5 business days).

Note:  If the form above does NOT appear in your browser, it is likely being blocked by your firewall.  Many businesses block access to our Google Apps form engine, but home/private internet accounts work just fine.  If needed, send your update via email to

Access to Forums on LinkedIn!

Check out The Spaatz Association mentoring forum on Linked In!

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