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Note:  If the form below does NOT appear in your browser, it is likely being blocked by your firewall.  Many businesses block access to our Google Apps form engine, but home/private internet accounts work just fine.  If needed, send your update via email to

2 responses to “Member Services”

  1. Mike Hower says :

    The Information Update Form 2013 was corrected on 7/27/13 to fix the “unsubscribe” error. Thanks to Amanda Folberg, Spaatz 1812, for pointing out our error.

  2. Mike Hower says :

    Last week, I received a question about the data we collect. Specifically, the member wanted to know why we ask for birthdays on our Information Update Form.

    Short answer: We want to be able to send you a birthday card. (Something we are going to start doing now that we have an office staff!)

    Long answer: One of the questions we often get involves the average age of Spaatz earners. NHQ doesn’t keep a running tally of this, so we are trying to develop our own metric.

    Providing age is completely optional…as is all of the other information on the form.

    Thank you for helping us keep our records up to date!

    Mike Hower, #895
    National Secretary

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