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In 2013, The Spaatz Association Board of Directors approved its first new leadership development initiative since 1997. The new Spaatz Association Leadership Grant Program is designed to recognize and encourage the development of leadership excellence in America’s youth through financial support.

Each year, the Association will approve up to $25,000 in leadership grants to individuals or units at the squadron, group, wing, region, or national level. Grant requests may be of any amount, so long as they are used directly for programs and activities associated with cadet leadership development.

Individual Grants

  • Designed for cadets who have earned the Billy Mitchell Award, and have at least a 3.0 GPA (normalized on a 4.0 scale).
  • Must be used to start a service project, complete leadership training, or perform other leadership development-related activities.

  • Are not for powered flight nor academic work. For flight scholarships, cadets may apply for the annual Spaatz Association Aerospace Leadership Scholarships.
  • Cadet must not have received a similar grant within the past 12 months (from date of application).

Unit Grants

  • Designed for units at the squadron, group, wing, or group level that need funding to conduct CADET leadership development-related activities.
  • Are not for powered flight, emergency services, nor aerospace education-related work unless the designed activity has a direct leadership development component.

Special Grants

  • Designed for national-level CAP programs and/or programs sponsored by HQ CAP programs (e.g., Air Force Academy Leadership Symposia, National Cadet Special Activity funding, Cadet Drill Competition, etc.).
  • Are NOT intended to fund individual participation; they are intended to cover operating costs of programs directly associated with leadership development.
  • Apply as per guidance for Unit Grants, and contact grants@spaatz.org for special requirements.

How Do I Apply?

Grant thumbnail1) Download an application form below (see Where Can I Get More Information?).

2) Read the embedded instructions and fill out the form.

3)  Scan the form.  Actual signatures are required.

4)  Upload the form at using the APPLY NOW button!

Grants are made four times each year.  Your application will be kept on file for 12 months.

Apply Online

Apply online each quarter!

Applications are due by 1600 Eastern Time on 1 February, 30 April, 31 July, and 31 October to be considered in that quarter’s application review.  Grants not awarded during one quarterly application period will remain on file and be reconsidered for a maximum of one year, or until the funding date (the date funds are needed by the member) has passed, whichever is earlier.


Contact the TSA Grant Coordinator, Mr. Brian Campbell, Spaatz #1219.  If you need technical assistance, contact us. )

When are the grants announced?

Grants are announced quarterly via email and on The Spaatz Association website.  Grants are also awarded at the annual Mid-Winter Dinner and Awards Ceremony, typically held in conjunction with the CAP Winter Command Council meeting in March.

Who has earned grants in the past?

Our first grants were issued in March 2014.  Click HERE for a list of all grant recipients.

What must I do to spend the money?  Are there any strings attached?

There are very few strings attached to TSA Leadership Grants.  We ask the following:

  • Unit awardees agree to provide to the Association a completion report or news article (suitable for use on the Association’s website), including photographs, within 90 days of expenditure of funds, describing the leadership development activity and its outcomes. This report, and its associated media, may be used for any lawful purpose, including brochures, illustrations, marketing, or for web content to promote the Association and it is services.
  • Individual awardees agree to provide the Association with documentation of appropriate use of grant funds, such as receipts, photos, completion certificates, or narratives of use within 90 days of expenditure of funds.

What if I don’t spend the money in time?

Individuals and units must return grant funds to the Association if they are not used within 12 months of award date or for the intended purpose described in this application. Failure to comply with these requirements will make the individual/unit ineligible for future Association leadership grants and scholarships.

Where can I  get more information?

Click the links below do download our most recent information about the Grant Program.

Would you like to support a future Association Leadership Grant?

The Spaatz Association Leadership Grant is completely funded by donations from members and friends of The Spaatz Association.  Each year we hope to have $25,000 or more to distribute to deserving cadets and units.  To do this, we need your help.  Visit our Donations page to learn how you can contribute to this valuable program.


2 responses to “Leadership Grants”

  1. Mike Hower says :

    Updated 7/5/14 with sample Unit Grant Completion Report instructions.

    • Tom Sadauskas says :

      Mike, I finally was able to downlaod the forms which I submitted. Not sure if the transmission went through. It was for Arlington Composite Squadron/MER-DC026. Thanks.

      Tom Sadauskas

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