Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting the association with a question, please review our Frequently Asked Questions list below:


How do I join or renew my membership in The Spaatz Association?

  • See our Join Today! page for additional information.

How do I convert to a Lifetime Membership?

  • See our Join Today! page for additional information.

How do I update my Association profile (with new address, email, etc.)?

How do I update information on a “Fallen Diamond”?

Does TSA extend membership to former cadets who earned the “Cadet Certificate of Proficiency“?

Does TSA extend membership to former cadets who earned the “Frank Borman Falcon Award“?

Member Benefits

How do I get a email address?

The Spaatz Award

How do I get added to the Spaatz Master List?

  • The list is updated periodically by CAP National Headquarters.  Occasionally, updates are significantly delayed.  To have your information added manually to the Spaatz Database, contact the TSA Secretary.

I didn’t get my free, individually engraved TSA coin when I earned my award — whom do I contact?

  • TSA sent individually engraved coins to new Spaatz Award recipients in from mid-2011 to late-2012.  The program was funded by a single donor during this period.  Coins are not currently sent to new Spaatz Award recipients.  If you are interested in endowing this program, contact us.  The cost to support all award recipients is approximately $2000/year.

I’ve lost my Spaatz Award Certificate or mini-membership card from National Headquarters.  How do I get a replacement?

  • The Cadet Programs registrar at CAP NHQ, Sharon Jackson, handles all replacement material requests.  Contact her at

About the Association

How do I get an Association speaker for my squadron/group/wing/region/national event?

Can I use the Association logo or logotype on locally produced materials?

How do I find old Board meeting minutes?

How do I get elected to the Board?

  • Elections are held each year.  Nomination and election processes are included in the TSA Bylaws.  Look for the annual Call for Nominations in early summer in our Announcements newsfeed.

What are the Bylaws of the Association?

Donations and Tax-Exempt Status

Is The Spaatz Association Tax exempt?

  • Yes.  The Association is chartered as a public charity under IRS rule 501(c)3.  You can confirm our current-year tax exempt status on the IRS website by clicking here.

How do I donate cash/stocks/bonds to the Association?

  • Visit our Donations page for additional information.

About the Website

How do I post a Spaatz presentation photo or article to the website?

How do I post an article for “Spaatzen in the News”?

How do I update information on a “Fallen Diamond”?

3 responses to “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Jay A. Sliwinski says :

    Is the website pretty much no longer used? I can’t load the master Spaatz list off of it and sent an e-mail to the webmaster without a reply. I only found this page by searching on Google. Is there thought about taking that site down and redirecting to this one? Thanks, Jay #851

    • Mike Hower says :


      We are actually in the process of taking down the old site and redirecting to this address. All of the new has been on since 1 Dec 11.


      Mike Hower, #895

  2. Jay A. Sliwinski says :

    Thanks Mike

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