Falcon Award Recipients

Thanks to the work of TSA President Steve Austin in the early 2000’s, we have uncovered a partial list of Falcon Award recipients!

If you earned a Falcon Award, or if you know someone who did, please help us expand this master list.  Submit names, award numbers, and dates (if known) as a comment at the bottom of this post and we will use this information to expand our database.

We are also collecting pictures of Falcon Award presentations for our online gallery.  Contact us to get your presentation photo posted.

Last updated:  13 March 2014 (updated quarterly…more or less).

The list below is sorted first by number (if any), then by presentation date (if known).

Number (if any)
Date (if known)
1 Roach Douglas C 1/25/1965 MI
3 O’Quin Henry M 1966 LA
4 Ehrman David G 11/30/1966 IN
6 Vreeland Thomas S 1966 NY
Unk Jansen Michael J 1966 SC
Unk Kish Daniel P 1966 CO
Unk Sawyer Gwen D 1966 NM
8 Bowcock Stephen W 1967 CA
9 Barton John C 1967 HI
10 Peffer, III Arthur D 7/1/1967 CO
11 Driscoll Donald A 1967 NY
12 Belk James W 1967 TX
13 Hibbert Kenneth B 1967 PA
15 Doherty William E 1967 RI
16 Kelly Kenneth D 1967 FL
17 Pliner Michael H 1967 TX
18 Hanford Michael F 1967 PA
19 Schueckler James R 1967 NY
20 Frazee Ronald L 1967 MT
21 Roy Robert E 1967 RI
22 Schoenfeld Stephen E 1967 NY
23 De Filippi, Jr. George 1967 AL
24 Skeen Sheila K 1967 AL
25 Olliver Charles L 1967 IL
31 Goss Kenneth A 9/1/1968 MA
Unk Caldwell Lee G 1968 UT
Unk Greeson David C 1968 FL
Unk Haffey Mark D 1968 FL
Unk Ives Jeffrey D 1968 CT
Unk Livesay Bonne B 1968 OR
Unk Martin Robert E 1968 MS
Unk Newhouse James O 1968 NC
Unk Starkey David J 1968 OR
Unk Winter, Jr. Frederick G 1968 FL
46 Hey Robert S 6/30/1969 OH
50 Remy Patrick L 1969 TX
Unk Adams David H 1969 IA
Unk Allen Michael A 1969 PA
Unk Anderson Robert D 1969 AZ
Unk Aubuchon James R 1969 TN
Unk Borst Paul H? 1969 NY
Unk Ditzel David B 1969 MT
Unk Druzak Stephen A 1969 WA
Unk Enlow Roger W 1969 ID
Unk Gonzales Frank P 1969 TX
Unk Hebda Larry J 1969 IL
Unk Krell Bruce E 1969 MS
Unk Lockwood Ernest L 1969 IL
Unk Medler Andrew 1969 NY
Unk Morris Glen R 1969 FL
Unk Quill, Jr. Leo P 1969 DE
Unk Ringlee Stephen R 1969 CA
Unk Ritchie Wallace A 1969 CT
Unk Roth Frank D 1969 IL
Unk Ruzycki Mary S 1969 FL
Unk Ryan William J 1969 NY
Unk Sanborn Don W 1969 ME
Unk Seals Richard E 1969 GA
Unk Smith Richard B 1969 PA
Unk Berkowitz Murray R 1970 NY
Unk Duntz David W 1970 NY
Unk Durham Terry L 1970 AL
Unk Frye Kevin M 1970 FL
Unk Goidel Richard K 1970 NY
Unk Harris Thomas E 1970 GA
Unk Hiss Glen 1970 UT
Unk Jaeger James A 1970 WI
Unk Johnson Leigh D 1970 DC
Unk Johnston Albert W 1970 LA
Unk Matzko William B 1970 DE
Unk McKannon Thomas 1970 CA
Unk Shore Sandra L 1970 NY
Unk Smith Walter T 1970 TN
Unk Sneegas Stanley 1970 KS
Unk Socwell John C 1970 MO
Unk Stinger Charles 1970 KY
Unk Talbot Gary 1970 MN
Unk Taylor Mike 1970 CA
85 Maymon Douglas R 1971 FL
94 Murphy Michael A 11/24/1971 FL
98 Pulliam David 1972 MI
101 Pfeiffer Charles A. 1972 FL
103 Austen Steven W. 7/17/1972 LA
Unk Higgins Mary K 1972 IL
Unk Zirilli Victor L 7/6/1973 NE
N/A Hickcox Robert C 7/12/1973 NY
Unk Sackley, III Edward J 9/24/1973 IL
124 Sadauskas Thomas C. 1/7/1974 CT
Unk Harting, Jr Harry L 1/23/1975 OH
Unk Foster Michael R. 3/3/1975 CO
Unk Hurley Thomas 3/3/1975 MI
Unk Wanttaja Ron 4/14/1975 ND
Unk Anderson Richard L. 8/25/1975 VA
179 Melendez Nancy 1975 PR
N/A Bishop, Jr Charles G 6/30/1976 AR
N/A Billman Eddy 1/27/1977 TX
N/A Catron Steven A. 8/10/1977 CA
N/A Costello John 12/20/1977 VA
N/A Haertel Eric G 1977 FL
N/A Lorimor Gary 1977 OR
N/A Moss Dana W 1977 NY
N/A Abegg Joe 11/21/1978 IL
N/A Mattes Robert 11/21/1978 PA
N/A Foster Stephen L 1978 WI
N/A Gullberg Steven 1/29/1979 NY
N/A Graves Richard E 4/13/1979 PA
N/A Anger Randy C 5/1/1979 NY
N/A Karsten Robert A June 1979 NH
N/A Bassani Cary 6/20/1979 WA
N/A Navarini George Summer 1979
N/A Magners Richard 1979 PA
N/A Adams Daniel Unk NE
N/A Trick Lawrence 6/29/1979 PA
N/A Lee Edward F Unk CA
N/A Lubynsky Roman Unk CT
N/A Massey James Unk FL
N/A Miller Joel Unk VA
N/A Parman Donald Unk MI
Unk Morich Paul W Unk NJ
Unk Puentes Carlos A Unk FL



60 responses to “Falcon Award Recipients”

  1. Stephen Austen says :

    Hi all — Spaatz #1 through Spaatz #513 were eligible to receive the Falcon Award. This information about the Falcon Award recipients was authenciated from old “CAP News” and “Annual Reports to Congress” publications. The earliest Falcon awards were numbered. When it officially becasme a Senior Program Award the numbering of the award was dropped. Let us hear from you!

    • Mike Hower says :


      Thanks for the note. I’ve updated the master chart above to show the period of both numbered and unnumbered awards…and then a list of “others” for those we don’t have firm info for.


      • Doug Maymon says :

        I received the 85th Falcon Award in 1971. Do not recall the exact date and the certificate is buried in storage.

        Regards to all,

        Doug Maymon #122

  2. Bob Mattes says :


    I received Spaatz #445 in 1977 and then my Frank E. Borman Falcon Award in 1978 (I think), which was unnumbered, when I turned senior. I have the certificate laying around here somewhere but couldn’t lay my hands on it in a hurry.

  3. Harry Lloyd Harting, Jr. says :

    I received an unnumbered Frank Borman Falcon Award Certificate on 23 January 1975.

    Harry L. Harting, Jr.
    Spaatz #273

    • Mike Hower says :


      Thanks for the update. I’ve included you in the master table. Also, thanks to some help from CAPMEMBERS.com, we’ve updated all the 1967 numbered Falcon Awards.


  4. Steve Catron says :

    I received an unnumbered Falcon Award on Aug 10 1977. Spaatz Award #308. CA Wing.

  5. Bruce Krell says :

    Your info is correct. I did receive my Falcon in the Fall of 1969.
    The commander of CAP presented this to me in front of the AF ROTC
    unit at Tulane.

    Brig Gen Richard N. Ellis, USAF, 1 Nov 1969 – 31 Oct 1972

    So, I received my award right after he was appointed.

    The award was numbered. You show someone in 1969 as award number 50.
    I think my number may have been 49 but am not sure.
    Don’t have the certificate. I do remember an intense desire to beat
    number 50 in both my Spaatz and Falcon. Spaatz is #44.

    Interestingly, the reason the good General came to me was that he had
    a daughter at Newcombe, which was an all female school that is part of Tulane.
    He wanted to visit his daughter. We even laughed about that. Very nice guy.

  6. Richard L. Anderson says :

    I received my Falcon Award on 25 Aug 75 as a CAP Chief Warrant Officer. The certificate was unnumbered, so I have no idea where I am in the line-up. The certificate was signed by CAP Brig Gen William M. Patterson (CAP/CC) and USAF Brig Gen Leslie J. Westberg (HQ CAP-USAF/CC).

  7. Mary Kay Higgins says :

    Hi, I have the Falcon Award, and I imagine it was in 1972 when I was sworn into the Professional Officer Corps in Air Force R.O.T.C. It may be numbered, but I don’t know for sure. I’ll write back when I run into the certificat.

    Mary Kay Higgins, Spaatz 131, Illinois Wing

    • Mike Hower says :

      Mary Kay,

      Thanks for the update. I’ve added you to the “found” list. If you got your award before 7 Sep 72, then you definitely have a number. After this, they were unnumbered by NHQ. You should see an update when we refresh the pages around the middle of June!


  8. Randy C Anger says :


    I received the Falcon Award on 5/1/79, Spaatz number 433. Thanks

  9. Bob Thomas says :

    I know the following also received their Falcon.
    Eddy Billman also has the Gil Robb Wilson.

    223 Victor L. Zirilli 06 Jul 1973 NE AF Academy
    312 Michael R. Foster 03 Mar 1975 CO
    419 Eddy Billman 27 Jan 1977 TX AF Academy

  10. Dr. Murray R. Berkowitz, D.O., M.A., M.S., M.P.H. says :

    Dear Mike,

    I was awarded the Spaatz award #128 on 15 Oct 1970. I was also awarded the Falcon Award (the “old” metal Eagle ribbon). I never received my certificate as one of the Senior Members received my award on my behalf as I was unavailable; I have never known my Falcon number. I did receive the medal and ribbon; however it was lost somewhere in my transfers and moves. I was in the Bronx, NY at the time of my Spaatz and officially still on the rolls as a Senior (although I was on active duty at the time).

    Richard Goidel was in Brooklyn, NY and was Spaatz #96 or 98. Sandra Shore (later Dorfman) was #100 (also Bronx, NY). I believe that Andrew Medler was either #98 or 96 (whichever Rich Goidel was not).

    If you wish, I am happy to send an update of my activities. Please feel free to contact me at the email I provided.


    (Spaatz #128)

    • Mike Hower says :


      Thanks for the update. It looks like your Falcon number would be between 51 and 84. I’ll keep you posted as we get more data.

      It would be great if you would update your contact info here: https://spaatzassociation.wordpress.com/member_services/

      I’m working on a “Where are they now?” page for each Spaatzen to provide updates on who is doing what. I hope it will be running by the end of the first quarter.

      More soon.


    • Robert C. Hickcox, Spaatz #146 says :

      Murray, you old duffer! Your post brings back back many warm memories of New York Wing! Best Wishes!

      • Dana Moss, Spaatz #303, Dec 1974/Falcon 1977 says :

        My former cadet commander! You led the Albany squadron for the first 8 months I was in CAP, and I’ve followed you in earning the Spaatz and Falcon Awards and attending a service academy. Now after a 35 year hiatus, I’m back with CAP watching my son following in his old duffer’s steps! Good to be in touch!

    • Mary Kay Higgins says :


      You almost got a surprise patient in your former office in Arlington (I see Dr Michael P. periodically).

      I hope you are doing well, and I wonder where you are.

      Mary Kay

      • Dr. Murray R. Berkowitz, D.O., M.A., M.S., M.P.H. says :

        Dear Mary Kay,

        Great to hear from you. I have been living in GA in the Atlanta suburbs. Am currently tenured Assoc Prof teaching medical students at GA campus of PCOM. My email is murraybe@pcom.edu. Email me there and we can catch up.



  11. Chuck Bishop says :

    I earned the Falcon Award 30 July 1976. 219 Charles G. Bishop Jr (Chuck). Signed by William Patterson, National Commander and Carl MS. Miller, CAP-USAF Commander.

  12. Dana W. Moss says :

    Dana W. Moss, Falcon Award in summer or fall 1977, I believe it was not numbered. I’m active again in CAP – any idea where I can get the Falcon Award ribbon?

    • Alan Ewing says :

      Mr. Moss: I work at Bell Helicopter in Fort Worth, and I have found a book in our library entitled Military Aircraft 1939-1945 with your name in it, handwritten and with an embossed seal of your name/iniitials. Apparently you received it as a Christmas present from your parents in 1971. it is in marvelous shape, but the plates in the back are off the spine. If this is the right Dana W. Moss, it would be my privilege to return it to you.

      Alan Ewing
      USAF Academy Class of 1984

    • Stephen Austen says :

      Oddly enough, EBay. I found one of the old enameled ribbons there. Took patience, tho. Steve Austen, Falcon number 103

  13. Tom Sadauskas says :

    Vanguard does not offer the Falcon Award ribbon as one of the CAP ribbons they sell. I wish I had bought more than the one cloth ribbon I currently wear. it’s beginning to look a bit worn but I can’t replace it.

    I wonder what it takes to get Vanguard or someone else to make a Falcon Award ribbon again?

    I was in Air Force ROTC when I was awarded my Spaatz so it only took another 38 days before I received my Falcon Award.

    Tom Sadauskas

  14. Robert C. Hickcox, Spaatz #146 says :

    I received my Falcon Award in the fall of 1973, from General Hoyt S. Vandenburg, Jr., Commandant of Cadets, USAFA, after the completion of my 3rd class year at the Academy. I will dig out my certificate and check it for a number.

  15. George Navarini says :

    Steve and Mike, Great to see that you guys added this. In the summer of 1979, I recalled being told I earned the Falcon, but it was never formally presented (nor was my Spaatz–I had to ‘borrow it’ off my squadron commander’s desk, after discovering it had a coffee ring on it (on the back, thankfully)). After all these years, it would be cool to find out if this was true.

    Also note that you guys are missing the Falcon Award of Carlos A. Puentes, also of Florida Wing. His squadron commander arraigned to actally have Frank Broman present the award. Carlos still has both the certificate and the newspaper clipping.


    George Navarini, MEP, ALEM, MEMS, PCP
    Admissions Officer
    U.S. Coast Guard Academy
    TSA 407

    • Mike Hower says :


      Let me see what I can track down in the records about your award. Thanks for the tip on Carlos — I’ve reached out to him for an update.


  16. Thomas S Vreeland says :

    My Falcon Award was #6.

  17. Leviticus A Lewis says :

    Hello Everyone,
    I regret not following up with getting my Falcon Award, even though I became a senior member for a period of time and was a NROTC Midshipman. Spent 20 years in the Navy retiring as a Commander and would tell everyone who would listen that I credit much if not all of my success due to being a Civil Air Patrol cadet.
    L.A. Lewis
    Spaatzen #277
    Savannah Composite Squadron, Georgia Wing

  18. Gregory Weidenfeld says :

    I don’t know his date or number, but I am absolutely certain that Paul W. Morich of New Jersey Wing was a Falcon Award winner. I’ve seen his certificate and I saw him wearing the ribbon. I don’t currently have contact with him.

  19. Robert Hey says :

    My name (Robert Hey) is listed above as Falcon award recipient, but the number which is 46 is missing. I received the award on June 30, 1969. Thanks for updating your records.

  20. Mike Allen Taylor says :

    Please add Antony Michael Upton to the list of Falcon award recipients. He received his Spaatz #99, and I know that in the next year or two he went on to get his Falcon. He and I were both in the same squadron and close friends.

    I am still trying to figure out what my Falcon number is, which WAS issued 9/15/1970. Which means it should be between 51 and 84 I have the certificate, but of course the number is on the back. My wife had my certificate professionally mounted in a frame – along with a photo of Ronald Reagan (Governor) presenting my Spaatz to me – right about the time that RR and I celebrated our birthday! In that same frame is the ‘medal’ portion of the Falcon award medal.

    I have not figured out how to request a Spaatz.Org email. ???

  21. Mike Allen Taylor says :

    Here is an interesting note – according to: http://www.capvolunteernow.com/todays_features.cfm/trick_maintains_zeal_for_civil_air_patrol_aerospace_service?show=news&newsID=7307

    Col. Larry Trick received the LAST Falcon award – a mark of distinction certainly.

  22. Rich Graves says :

    Hello, I respectfully request that you add my name to your Falcon award recipient list, Richard E Graves. My award letter is dated 13 April 1979 and Brig Gen Jonnie Boyd, CAP, and Brig Gen Paul Gardner, USAF, presented the certificate, medal and ribbon to me at the NE Region Conference in fall 1979. I was in the PAWG.


    Rich Graves
    Spaatz #484
    USA (ret)

  23. Stephen Foster says :

    Thanks to Mike McEleney who initially reported my Falcon Award – I received the award on 5 Apr 78 (Steve Foster, Spaatz #440). There was no award certificate number

  24. Jeffery A. Hunt says :

    I recieved the Falcon Award I believe in 1974 after completing two years of AFROTC at Howard University. I am Spaatzen 245 from the National Capital Wing. Both may Spaatz and Falcon ribbons are displayed in my office at work. Jeffery A. Hunt 245

  25. David Ehrman says :

    My Falcon Award is #4 dated 30 Nov 1966. I have the certificate, but don’t show it to many people because the serial number on the award is my SSN.

  26. Darrel Williamson says :

    I purchased a Falcon Award Medal a few years ago at a military collectors show. They had no idea what it was. On the reverse of the medal is the name U.L. Estes. I couldn’t find this person on your listings for Spaatz Awards or Falcon Awards. If anyone knows if this person actually was awarded this award, or knows if this person is still around, I would love to reunite the medal with it’s owner.


    Lt.Col. Darrel D. Williamson, CAP
    Indiana Wing Group XII Headquarters

    • Mike Hower says :

      Lt Col Williamson,

      Unfortunately, the name may be a manufacturer mark. To earn a Falcon Award, you need to have earned the Spaatz Award. Our Spaatz list is complete, and there is no one by the name of Estes on the list. Perhaps one of our other members can provide some additional insight.


  27. Mike Allen Taylor (Fort Wayne, IN) says :

    Perhaps if you could take a close up photo where the name is shown and either post the image if possible or email to myself or to Mike Hower. There MIGHT also be a number inscribed as well.

  28. Megann Streeter says :

    I received my Falcon Award 29 June 1979. Megann Streeter

    • Mike Hower says :

      I’ve added you to the master Falcon list. Your name will appear when we do the next update — probably in mid- to late-September.

      What squadron were you from in UT? I was in Enterprise at the U from 1985-1991.

      Would you be willing to update your contact information via our Member Services page? (Click Membership…Member Services…and fill out our online Information Update Form).


      • Megann streeter says :

        I was with Wasatch and Westminster in the 70’s .. Will do the update. Not many Beehive folks running around glad to meet you.

  29. Paul Doto Jr says :

    Mike – I received the Falcon Award in 1971 but don’t have the exact date or if it was numbered. I was Spaatz Award #137 and received the Falcon Award shortly after that. Paul Doto Jr.

    • Mike Hower says :


      Thanks for the info. I’ve added you to the master list, and your name will appear on the website with the next update.


      • Paul Doto Jr says :

        Mike – I have recently moved and found new info on my Falcon Award. I was #83 issued in 1971, NJ Wing.

      • Thomas G. Shedd says :

        Mr. Hower,

        I received the Falcon Award on May 21, 1979. I have the certificate and can send you an electronic picture if you like. My Falcon Award certificate did not have a number. My Spaatz Award certificate is number 508 and I received that award on April 20, 1079. I was at the Fairfax Composite Squadron, National Capitol Wing at that time. I started CAP at the Cutler Cadet Squadron in Miami Florida.


        Thomas G. Shedd

      • Thomas G. Shedd says :

        Mike, I received the Falcon Award on May 21, 1979. I am number 508 for the Spaatz Award. I can send you a photo of the Falcon Award. Thomas G. Shedd

  30. R Lubynsky says :


    My Falcon award would have been dated sometime in 1976. It is in a box in storage – sometime I will dig it out.

    Roman Lubynsky

  31. Maureen Donlan Butler, LCSW says :

    Hello, I am Maureen Donlan (Butler) and Spaatz #119. I got a numbered Falcon but cannot remember the number. If I find it I will tell you. Is there still a Cadet of the Year? I received the second one, first female in 1970. Got the Air Force Association Outstanding Civil Air Patrol Cadet trophy in 1970.

    Gen, Claire Chennault’s widow, Anna attended the ceremonies in Washington, D.C. for these awards. We had named our squadron Chennault and we had several Spaatz: O’Quin, Johnston, and my brother, Craig Donlan.

    Thanks for sending me the postcard to remind me to visit.

  32. Awilda I Rivera says :

    Hi Mike.
    I received the Falcon Award in 1979. I’m Spaatz Recipient #462, Col, US Army (Ret). Received the award when I was at the Clara E Livingston Cadet Squadron, PR Wing, from Nancy Melendez Spaatz Recipient # 297. I’ll look for the award certificate for the the number.Thank you for keeping tract of CAP history. Awilda I Rivera

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