Challenge Coins

Fully two and a half years in the making, the official Spaatz Association commemorative challenge coin is now a reality! Your association has spared no expense to bring you a coin of the finest quality possible–a fitting tribute to your commitment to excellence as a Civil Air Patrol cadet, and one you’ll be proud to carry or display.

Designed by Matt Johnson (#901), the coin’s face features a likeness of General Spaatz, based on a portrait by famed Steve Canyon comic artist Milton Caniff for the National Aviation Hall of Fame and meticulously hand-sculpted in England by artist Edward Llewellen. Llewellen’s 7¼” plaster sculpture was then reduced to a 39 mm steel die via a pentagraphic process.  The coins are die-struck under more than 1000 pounds of force by Northwest Territorial Mint in Auburn, Washington, minters of the CAP 60th Anniversary coin.

The coin’s reverse displays the association’s logo in beautiful 3-D relief and includes a special area for engraving the holder’s Spaatz Award certificate number. The coin is available to collectors in merlyn gold (gold-tone), antique brass/bronze, and antique nickel (not shown) for gifts or incentives, and to Spaatz Award recipients in a limited edition, highly-polished “proof” finish in nickel silver.


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