Only Two Weeks Left to Self Nominate


There are only two weeks left to self-nominate for the 2015-2017 Board of Directors!  This year, we are filling 7 seats:

  • Vice President – held by Janon D. Ellis
  • Treasurer – held by Bruce Krell
  • Director Seat # 1 – held by Austyn W. Granville
  • Director Seat # 3 – held by Sandie D. Aurich
  • Director Seat # 5 – held by Alan Dickinson
  • Director Seat # 7 – held by Robert J. Mattes
  • Director Seat # 9 – held by Antonio Barroso

In May 2014, the Board changed the requirements for self-nominations.  Effective for this election, TWO nominating documents are required:
2015 Elections Thumbnail

  • A resume evidencing your qualifications to serve as a Board Member. Note this is NOT a CAP resume; rather it is an opportunity to present your background and qualifications to serve in the capacity of Officer or Director in a fraternal, non-profit organization with financial assets in excess of $250,000.
  • A brief statement reflecting your vision for the Association, the goals you will pursue during your term, and how you will actively pursue those goals as part of our Working Board.

Both items listed above should be separate documents in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.

Deadline for self-nominations 15 July 2015.

(Click to download our elections flyer, or visit our Elections Page for more information.)

Second Quarter 2015 Grant Awardees

The Spaatz Association is proud to announce its 2nd Quarter 2015 Leadership Grant awardees.

Period Grant Awardee Type Amount
2Q 2015 MER Honor Guard Academy Unit  $2,000
2Q 2015 Floyd Bennett Composite Squadron Speak Up for Success Program Unit  $1,500
2Q 2015 Jessie Carpenter – Cadet Officer School Individual  $655.70
2Q 2015 East Bay Cadet Squadron Basic Cadet School/Airman Training School Unit  $1,500

For others who submitted grant applications for the first or second quarter but were not selected, your application will remain on file until the Latest Funding Date noted on your application.  You may submit an update to your application at any time via the website.  Watch the Grant Page for recommendations on what makes a good grant package, culled from the packages of the first and second quarter selectees, in coming weeks.

The Leadership Grant Program is designed to foster leadership development in CAP cadets and may be used to defray the cost of any type of leadership development activity for individuals and units.

Grants are issued quarterly! Watch the website for reminders on grant application windows. For more information and to apply, visit our Grant Program page.

2015 Elections – Nominations Open


Do you have what it takes to serve on our leadership team?  If so, we want you!  Submit your nomination now for the 2015-2017 Board elections.

Deadline for self-nominations 15 July 2015.

2015 Elections Thumbnail

(Click to download our elections flyer, or visit our Elections Page for more information.)

Second Quarter Leadership Grant Applications – Due 30 April

Time is running out to get your Leadership Grant applications in for this quarter.  Applications are due by 1600 Eastern Time on 30 April to qualify for grading.  Grant applications not awarded previously will remain on file and be reconsidered for a maximum of one year, or until the funding date (the date funds are needed by the member) has passed, whichever is earlier.

Grants are available for individuals and units (at squadron, group, wing, region, or national levels).  For more information, see our Leadership Grant page.

How Do I Apply?

Grant thumbnail1) Download an application form (see below).

2) Read the embedded instructions and fill out the form.

3)  Scan the form.  Actual signatures are required.

4)  Upload the form at using the APPLY NOW button!

Grants are made four times each year.  Your application will be kept on file for 12 months.

Apply Online

 Apply online each quarter!

For more information, or to find out your grant application status, contact us at

Michael R. Foster, 1954-2014, Spaatz #312

Lt Col Michael Foster, CAP, passed away on March 6 2015.

spaatz312Michael served as the NCSA Director for Cadet Officer School from 2009-2011.  The staff of COS 2015 is collecting money to have a brick made for placement under the Bird Dog at National HQ.  To donate, contact us.

Notification courtesy of Michael Kathriner.

Obituary from

Michael Ray Foster was called to the Lord Friday afternoon from his home on March 6, 2015. Michael was born on March 27, 1954 in Denver Colorado to parents Harold and Joretta Foster. He spent part of his early youth in Billings, Montana before his family returned to Denver, where he graduated from Jefferson High School in 1972.

From his youth, Michael had aspirations to join the United States Air Force. He enrolled in ROTC at the Metro State College in Denver and earned the rank of Second Lieutenant upon his graduation. During his studies, Michael met Helen Willette Christopher in 1977 and the couple married in 1979. He received the Distinguished Graduate award from Colorado University and began his active duty in the armed forces in 1981. The couple had their first son Jason in 1983 while living in Great Falls Montana. Michael was gifted with a second son in 1987 while stationed in Southern California. Michael and his family finally settled in Montgomery, Alabama in 1995, returning to where he and his wife had first met in 1977.

After retiring from the Air Force, Michael continued his life’s dedication to integrity and commitment to excellence. He sought to inspire these positive qualities in others through his volunteer work supporting the Cadet Officer School, the Civil Air Patrol, and through his leadership in the John-Archer Elmore chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. He was quick to volunteer, dauntless in the pursuit of excellence, and humble in his accolades.

Michael is survived by his wife Helen “Kris” Foster; his sons Jason (Amanda) Foster and Justin Foster; his sisters Diana (Derek) Baranowski and Valerie (Garry); and his close friend William (Fran) Stone. He was preceded in death by parents Harold and Joretta Foster.


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