Faith Vilas’ (Spaatz #132) Historic Flight

On 1 July 2013, Dr. Faith Vilas, Spaatz #132, recreated her grandfathers historic flight across Lake Michigan.

From coverage by WNDU-16′s Tricia Harte:

The 61-year-old pilot and scientist for the Planetary Science Institute returned to her family’s old stomping grounds in the Michigan-Chicago area to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first flight.

“He wanted to do this flight, it was important for him to do it was one of his big goals,” said Vilas at a pre-flight press conference. For Faith Vilas, a third generation pilot, commemorating her grandfather’s accomplishment has been in the works for nearly five years.

“I specifically remember one time when we sat in an old home had had in Florida, and he just sat there telling us old aviation stories, old flying stories: ‘Oh I met Orville and Wilbur,’ and did all this other stuff” recalled Vilas.

(More…including a video interview, click here)

Faith Vilas prepares for takeoff at the Southwest Michigan Regional Airport on Monday as she attempts to re-create her grandfather’s historic flight across Lake Michigan on the 100th anniversary of his July 1, 2013 flight. (Joe Rondone/HP, Herald-Palladium, 2 July 2013)


Faith Vilas takes off from Southwest Michigan Regional Airport in the Cessna 185 amphibious plane she is using to re-create her grandfather’s historic flight across Lake Michigan on Monday. (Joe Rondone/HP, The Herald-Palladium, 2 July 2013)



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  1. Mike Hower says :

    For more information on Faith’s grandfather, aviation pioneer Logan “Jack” Vilas, check out these links:

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