Spaatz Association Gathers Aerospace Leaders and Pioneers in Support of the CAP Cadet Program

By 1st Lt Duane L. Johnson, CAP and Capt Amanda Folberg, CAP.    Photographs by C/SMSgt Benjamin Geiss, CAP.

The Spaatz Association’s 12th Annual Mid-Winter Dinner and Awards Gala was held on March 1st, 2014, at the Crystal City Gateway Marriott hotel in Northern Virginia.  This year’s event, attended by more than 125 Spaatz Award recipients, Civil Air Patrol members, service men and women, and distinguished guests was a truly spectacular event celebrating 50 Years of the General Carl A. Spaatz Award and the modern day Cadet Program.

The dinner was the highlight of a weeklong series of CAP events held in our nation’s capital, which included the National Command Council Mid-Year meeting, the National Cadet Advisory Council meeting, and the Civic Leadership Academy.

The event was hosted by Lieutenant General (Ret.) Ted Bowlds,  Spaatz Association National President, and featured keynote speaker, Lieutenant General Judith Fedder, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Installations, and Mission Support at Headquarters, United States Air Force.  Attendees were also treated to an exciting presentation by Ms. DeDe Laver, General Spaatz’s granddaughter, who spoke of her grandfather and examples of his leadership.  Other Spaatz family members who participated in the event were Mr. Carl Spaatz-Thomas, grandson of General Spaatz, and Ms. Rebecca Gresham.  Also in attendance was aviation pioneer Mary Feik, namesake of third achievement award in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program.

General Fedder presented the attendees with an introduction to the current challenges that face the Air Force, the CAP, our nation, and our youth in the coming decade.  She also expressed her support and admiration for CAP and how its volunteers come together to enable the organization to not only perform missions for America, but develop our youth for tomorrow.  She remarked that was “inspired not just by the cadets, but also by the commitment of the Spaatz [Association] members to continue to serve Civil Air Patrol.”  Following General Fedder’s talk, Ms. Laver provided a provided a rare and insightful look into General Spaatz’s leadership style and family history.

To help honor the 50th anniversary of the Spaatz Award, CAP historians provided a rate display that showcased uniforms, insignia, and documents from throughout the years.  Major Jacob Gerstein, CAP’s National Curator, and 1st Lt Colleen McCormick were on hand to discuss CAP history and the evolution of the CAP Cadet Program.

Above: Kenneth Kelly, Brig Gen Joseph Vazquez, and Lt Gen Fedder, present Capt Eashan Samak the Spaatz Award certificate.

Above: Kenneth Kelly, Brig Gen Joseph Vazquez, and Lt Gen Fedder, present Capt Eashan Samak the Spaatz Award certificate.

Six Aerospace Leadership Scholarships and four Leadership Grants were awarded to deserving individuals and units.  In addition, Capt Eashan Samak of the Maryland Wing and C/Col Ulric Groves of the Virginia Wing received their Spaatz Awards from Lieutenant General Fedder, and National Vice Commander, Brigadier General Joseph Vazquez, CAP.  Mr.  Kenneth Kelly, the second Spaatz Award recipient, was on-hand for the awards and presented each cadet with a silver commemorative Spaatz coin.

The evening came to a close with the National Capital Wing Color Guard retiring the colors.  C/Col John Robertson, Aerospace Leadership Scholarship recipient, made this comment, “It was an incredible night.  It was great to meet the Spaatz Association members and see their passion to give back to the Civil Air Patrol program.”  Ms. Laver expressed her appreciation for the evening, “I have had a wonderful and great experience through the years at the annual Spaatz dinner.”

The next Spaatz Association Mid-Winter Dinner and Awards Gala is scheduled for March 2015, in conjunction with the 2015 CAP Command Council Mid-Year Meeting.  For more information, visit

Pictured above are the recipients of the Gen Carl A. Spaatz Award that attended this year’s dinner.

Pictured above are the recipients of the Gen Carl A. Spaatz Award that attended this year’s dinner.

Association Financial Information 2013

The Association has posted its annual financial status for 2013 and a member-requested update on our endowment investment strategy to the Association’s Financial Information page.

This information is updated on a recurring basis by the TSA National Treasurer, Mr. Bruce Krell (#44).  For more information, please contact


Falcon Award Master List Updated

The Falcon Award master recipient list has been updated with all changes received to date.

The Falcon Award History Project started in the early 2000′s thanks to the efforts of then-TSA President Steve Austin.  His goal was to document as many Falcon Award recipients as possible, and get them to tell their stories.  If you earned a Falcon Award, or if you know someone who did, please help us expand our database.  Submit names, award numbers, and dates (if known) as a comment at the bottom of this post and we will use this information to expand our online listing.

We are also collecting pictures of Falcon Award presentations for our online gallery.  Contact us to get your presentation photo posted.

Newest Spaatz Award Recipients

The Spaatz Association is pleased to announce the most recent Spaatz Award recipients from National Headquarters/Cadet Programs!

Ryan S. Howard, MS-102, Cert.#1924,  1-23-2014

Thomas A. Jessop, CO-030, Cert.#1925,  1-25-2014

Aubry M. Lindauer, OH-051, Cert.#1926,  02-03-2014

Megan L. Beatty, OH-051, Cert.#1927, 02-05-2014

Robert H. Ward, FL-435, Cert.#1928, 02-03-2014

Rand B. Fowler, TX-351, Cert.#1929, 11-19-2013

Dean L. Unruh, WA-080, Cert.#1930,01-25-2014

Tianna M. Chin, NY-373, Cert.#1931, 02-01-2014

Benjamin Hook, CO-159, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Bryce Kuykendall, CA-169, Cert.#1933, 01-31-2014

New Spaatz Award recipients receive a free year of membership in The Spaatz Association, and are eligible to participate in all Spaatz Alumni events and elections, as well as serve on the Association Board as Directors or Officers.

For more information on membership in The Spaatz Association, visit our Membership section page.

2014 Aerospace Leadership Scholarship Awardees

The Spaatz Association is proud to announce its 2014 Aerospace Leadership Scholarship winners.

Six scholarships were were presented at the 2014 Spaatz Association Mid Winter Dinner and Awards Gala on 1 March 2014.  Scholarships are intended to be used primarily to bring a cadet from solo to his/her private pilot’s license.  A limited amount of the scholarship may also be used to attend a CAP leadership activity, or to serve in a leadership position at a suitable CAP activity.

Name Unit Scholarship
C/Maj Tyler Hoover Coastal Charleston Composite Squadron, SC Wing Colonel Louisa S. Morse, CAP, Endowed Scholarship
C/1Lt Antonio Jasso Grand Rapids Composite Squadron, MN Wing Colonel Louisa S. Morse, CAP, Endowed Scholarship
C/Col John Robertson Iredell Composite Squadron, NC Wing Colonel Douglas C. Roach, USAF, Named Scholarship
C/2Lt Joshua Bauerle Livingston Composite Squadron, MI Wing General Carl A. Spaatz, USAF, Sponsored Scholarship
C/1Lt Jason T Blanco Flying Castle Composite Squadron, OK Wing Brigadier General Paul M. Bergman, CAP, Sponsored Scholarship
C/2Lt Nathan Legaspi El Monte Composite Squadron 21, CA Wing Brigadier General Paul M. Bergman, CAP, Sponsored Scholarship

Endowed scholarships are named for a donor who has made a significant contribution to the Association. A scholarship endowment is designed to either fund a scholarship in perpetuity (as is the case with the Morse Endowment) or for an extended number of years (10+ years) by drawing down principal.  Sponsored scholarships are named for a donor who makes made a recurring, annual scholarship contribution (such as the General Carl A. Spaatz scholarship graciously donated each year since 2003 by Ms. Carla Spaatz-Thomas, and the and the Paul Bergman scholarships donated by Mr. Brian Campbell in 2012, 2013, and 2014).

Watch for updates on our winner’s progress toward their private tickets and more information on the 2015 Scholarship Season.  The 2015 scholarship application window will open on 1 August 2014.

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